Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby Mishap.

First I'd like to say Mistress Cassie is amazing and I do truly feely lucky.. and Thank you for the compliments any advice on how to be more pathetic and sissy I'd be more then glad to hear..

So.. I deceided to lock myself in chastity because ive been wetting the bed like 5 days a week... and babies dont play with themselves :( and i sent the key to mistress cassie thinking she'd get it... but being i guess the big sissy baby bimbo i am i must of wrote the wrong adress or wasnt clear because it appears to be lost in the mail... I've called a few places and I have to wait in horny frustration.. and I'm kinda scared... I don't think I could go to a locksmith for this.. be way too humiliating..

Monday, February 14, 2011

New to this!

Hi I'm a sissy slut who is currently owned by Mistress Cassie. I started to call her not really knowing how deep I'd far and before I knew it I couldn't look at a cock without getting hard in my pink panties :O!! I also did a few calls for being a baby.. and still sometimes wet the bed. Here are some pics to humiliate me about!!